Future technology


Our Company was established in 2016. We specialise in metal processing, including: carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium, brass, bronze, castings and plastic materials.

We produce injection moulds from scratch, including designing.

We are flexible in fulfilling our Customers’ expectations. We perform not only high-volume orders for thousands of pieces, but also small product series, several pieces each. Cooperation with our Customers is based on partnership relations, high commitment, and reliability.

We have recently opened a new Department of Robotics and Automation in our Company. Our objective is to develop new solutions for our Customers in the area of providing their manufacturing machines with fully robotised and automatic equipment, so that they can cut their employment figures and improve their manufacturing efficiency.

Since our services are comprehensive in nature, our Company is frequently the first and most obvious choice for our Customers. What makes us different from other designers and manufacturers is the high quality which is born out of passion, professionalism, and profound care for our Customer satisfaction. We work together with many reputable companies.


High precision

On-time deliveries