Injection moulds

Based upon our own technological Design Office, qualified personnel and state-of-the-art machinery park, we offer high quality plastic processing moulds, and more.

Our offer includes:

  • Cold and hot runner injection moulds,
  • Injection moulds used to produce technical details with complex shapes and strict dimension requirements, including for the automotive sector,
  • Injection moulds used to produce cosmetic packaging and products that must meet high aesthetic requirements,
  • Injection moulds used to produce small, medium, and large moulded pieces,
  • Standard and multi-component injection moulds for use with rubber and silicon materials.


Our injection moulds are built based upon our Customer’s design, or design elaborated by our own Design Office. We also undertake making product designs and compiling technical documentation for them based upon the Ordering Party’s proposals or guidelines. In each case, we guarantee to respect confidentiality and exclusive ownership rights of our Customer concerning any technical information that has been entrusted with us.